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participating in a miracle.

Carol directed the singing.I wrote and directed the show. Emmy kept it all together. Boom!

Carol directed the singing.
I wrote and directed the show. Emmy kept it all together. Boom!

Oh what a night.

We finally had our lhkidz choir christmas musical, Walk of Love.

With songs from the Christmas Shoe Tree Musical by Jeff Slaughter (Can’t Stop the Shoes, Christmas Wrappin’, Heaven and Nature Medley and Walk of Love) , and a song by Randall Goodgame (The Camel Song), a song from childhood (I Just Wanna Be a Sheep) and a song I wrote with Ben and Cara (Born to Set Me Free)

and a story about a group of kids that are tired of hearing the “lesson” in everything only to discover that one of their friends has never taken a walk of love to Jesus…

the lhkidz choir was on an evangelistic mission. we were fully aware of the warfare that was going to challenge us. we were prayerful every practice and in our performance that we would point people to the truth about Jesus. we were intentional about singing our testimony and evangelism… before the performance tonite i told them “this is it guys, we’re going to battle. you are going to sing your testimony and ask people to follow Jesus in their own walk of love. we are going to witness, give our testimony by the words we sing. Jason Underhill wrapped the show by asking if anyone in the audience wanted to take their own  Walk of Love to Jesus.

The kids were amazing… and the women leading them, well, i just couldn’t be more grateful. (carol goad was our fearless choir director and dianne schneider taught and directed our choreography)

the cold cut homies made a special appearance in our videos and in our live show! swag!

as for MEDIA: …. Greg Saffles delighted us with some rockin’ black light action, as well as other loveliness. Tyler Hirth and Emmy Hendrick made sure the videos and lyrics rolled when they were supposed to roll, and the cameras were zooming in on the beloved faces of our choir members. Jeremy Brown managed all of our audio needs with his expert-ness (i’m sure that’s a word). Beau Hoffman served as our adult actor in the filmed portions, as well as providing accompaniment for the sheep song… Tyler Scott, Brian Zimmerman and Chris Long shot the videos for our drama element and Dakota Diel edited the pieces together. Not to mention the organization on the front end, and along the way, by Jason Dyba. Talk about your team effort!

for the performance, parents and families … friends and supporters filled the room with excitement and participation. Many of our treehouse hosts were there, rooting on the kids that come to their treehouses.

it was a spectacular evening. Our next generation minister, Jeff Lovingood, was cheering us on… as well as David landrith, Lance Taylor, Derek Hazelet and Jordan Easley. Our women’s minister, Julie Woodruff was there… it was such a blessing to share this experience with so many people in our church.

i can’t believe i get to do this for my job. find as many ways as i possibly can to tell the eternal story of christ… i have been amazed lately, by God’s kindness to allow me to participate in some of His miracles. I love my job. So much.

Can’t wait to start working on the next one! After I get everything ready for Sunday… and then wednesday… and… well- you get the drift.

What miracles are you participating in right now?


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“i want to help God”

before we took our offering …

each heart represents an offering given for Samedy’s Heart

Got this tweet from a parent/servant/leader leigh clark: 

@rbcwrites @lhkidz thankful for a church who shows tangible love. My kindergartener told me last night “I’m going to help God, help Samdey”

This week we launched an awesome offering plan to raise money for Samedy. I already blogged about it so i won’t repeat it… but i know this. after sunday… every kids at long hollow knows who samedy is… and they want to help his heart.

this little one said they wanted to help God help Samedy.

it echoes something i’ve been thinking about since i got to back from haiti in the spring.

God is going to do what God is going to do.

Miracles are happening.

You choose if you want to participate.

What miracles are you “helping” God do today?

here is samedy’s story: https://vimeo.com/52202592

and here is a song about what it means to be wrecked: https://vimeo.com/52198441

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a new worship song with @beggebrecht

Forgive me if I’m redundant. Sometimes, I think I figure out my thoughts as I write about them on this blog. Then I write them into songs.

So, I  may have shared this idea before… but today I got the final version of my latest song.

My friend Ben Eggebrecht and I decided to write a worship song. We started by asking ourselves what songs that we notice people really reacting emotionally to, and experiencing true worship. Which songs we ourselves are moved by.

We realized something… we most connect with the songs that are sung to God instead of about God. Songs that talk about Him instead of about us.

We kept that idea in front of us, and started just talking out loud about what the things we wanted him to know we appreciate about him. then we started talking about something that has been on my mind alot for the last year. people are always taking pictures on instagram of “the nashville sky”… the reason, is that it’s breathtaking. it just is. but pictures dont begin to tell the story of creation. so, God does it over and over again for us. he gives us a new sky each day and night. like the manna the israellites tried to store up. when they didn’t trust and tried to keep it in jars, it rotted. when they trusted god to give them food each day… they had healthy food.

so we started talking about what else he gives us over and over again… and this song was born.

i’m so very grateful to the musicians that played on this record:

Thomas Bain, Micah Schweinsberg,  Jordan Reynolds, Joey Hyde, Corn.

Vocals: Ben Eggebrecht and Haley Hamilton

here are the lyrics. email me if you want to hear the song.


Over and Over

by Robyn Collins and Ben Eggebrecht

I could take a thousand pictures

but none of them would show

the wonders you’ve created

your never-ending flow

You wrap your arms around me

with mist and morning air

in sunshine and in rainstorms

I see you everywhere.


Over and Over again

Over and over again


Your promises are written

on pages i can read

keep telling me the story

of a love that rescues me

in simple conversations

your spirit has a way

of speaking… if i listen

i hear the words you say


your love keeps on coming around

your love turned my whole life around

your love keeps picking me up


over and over again

over and over again


beyond imagination

you cover me in grace

you see right through my doubts

and know me by my faith.

my hope is found in you

the light inside my soul

forever you’re my God

i’ll never be alone.


your love keeps on coming around

your love turned my whole life around

your love keeps picking me up


over and over again

over and over again


your love keeps on coming around

your love turned my whole life around

your love keeps picking me up


(over and over again

over and over again)

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the time when i wasn’t so great.


i love music. so much. i love the words to songs. i love the feeling songs give you. i love the whole thing…

but i’m not a choir expert. last year we started a kids choir, because we really wanted kids to be able to learn and experience music at church. and fortunately our worship leader, gerald trottman, who had years and years of experience… led the choir.

well, when we started this year, the schedule prevented his participation… so i tried to step into the shoes.

i really did try. promise.

it wasn’t good enough.

enter: carol goad. my amazing springfield treehouse host, volunteer extraodinaire and the mom of my beloved assistant.

she has a long history of leading church choirs. she didn’t want to “rob me of my blessing” though, by meeting the need. i assured her that it was no blessing of mine that she would be robbing. she came to observe last week… let’s just say that tonite she started as the choir director and she was awesome. and our kids are so lucky. and our choir performance will be so much better. and i get to serve side by side with her, instead of from afar. man, am i glad i wasn’t that great at directing choir… i might’ve missed this chance!

it’s good to admit when you aren’t the best.

btw… this is carol goad : i heart her.

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beating a dead horse? is that so wrong?

emmy modeling the new super ninja gummy bear shirt for @lhkidz

i’ve posted quite a bit about the super ninja gummy bear in the last 24 hours. i know.

but how remiss would it be not to post the link to the amazing video on my own blog…

answer: very.


funny story… someone “jokingly” called it a golden calf, so i had to explain again where the SNGB originated.

and in doing so, it hit me… this is a very powerful evangelism tool. simple. clear. the next evangecube (which, btw i’m a huge fan of) without all the sunday school looking images. this is why:

the super ninja gummy bear originated in a script about heaven… salvation…

the character was doing everything possible to get into the super ninja gummy bear club. but was told that it wasn’t possible to earn your way in. you couldn’t do enough gummy sit ups, or anything else to earn your way in. in the script, someone had to give up their spot so that someone could join. after that… it was available to anyone and everyone, they just had to say “yes, i want to be a super ninja gummy bear”. done.

that’s how it is with heaven. Jesus. Salvation.

you can’t be good enough. you can’t work your way into God’s perfect heaven. you can never earn it. it is only because of Christ’s sacrifice that we have the hope promise of heaven. he had to make a sacrifice to pay our way to heaven. and he did. now all you have to do is say yes.

that’s like 5 sentences to share the truth of the gospel. all because of a little bear. in the coming weeks we are going to be helping kids see how important it is to share the Truth with their friends. and to think… they get to start the conversation with a bear. someone says “where’d you get that? can i get that song? that tshirt? i love that bear”… and you get to tell them what he represents. boom. EE simplified. Evangecube made easy. Gospel in a gummy little bear with made ninja “loving” skills… as the song says “anyone can join the club, all you have to do is love… everyone around” (you can only love everyone if LOVE is in you. and LOVE is only in you if the Holy Spirit is in you.

what’s your favorite way to enter into the conversation about eternity with others?

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give the love that you need.

friends. i have found a new love. songwriting.

i have often said that my goal is to find as many ways as i possibly can to tell the true story of Jesus. this is just the next new way that God is allowing me to do that. and i freaking love it.

i’m enchanted by the process, the craftsmanship, the team effort it requires and the results.

i believe it is great stewardship of a good idea to trap it in a song. it has an endless life cycle that is many time enjoyed more, the more times it is experienced. you might watch your favorite movie a handful of times… but a song… you will put on repeat. you will share. you will think about. i just love the nature of what a song provides.

when i first started wanted to write a song it was all about a certain song i wanted to write.

We know that everyone around us has pain… so at our best we try to extend grace.

then i started realizing something adults (eh hem, myself) were kinder to each other than they were to kids they encountered.

but somehow when it comes to kids, i think we(I) default to thinking: that just because they are smaller, they should just obey and listen to us (whether they are our own or not) and we(I) forget that they have a story, too. many kids have more pain in their lives than you or i. and they are powerless to change their situation. unlike adults, kids are trapped in whatever situation the adults around them have put them in.

so… i wanted to write a song that was convicting… would move people to action … to love…

which is not altogether horrible, but if my premise is to look in love, then i also have to look at those who i’m trying to encourage with that same love.

you’ve possibly read about “THE LOVE FILTER” before, and in fact, you will see the thought process behind the song from months ago.

anyway, here is where i landed… i dont need a convicting song. or tearjerker. i want to remind people about the love they have been shown and encourage them to show the same love.

in a writing session with one of my favorite worship leaders and voices ever, Jordan Reynolds… we finally wrote the song that has been in my heart and mind all of this time. the song that started my journey, even though it’s not the first song i’ve written.

i’m so stoked and can’t wait to have a recorded version that i can share

this is the chorus:

people are crying,
inside they’re dying
that’s why you gotta keep trying
if someone needs a helping hand
give em both and help ‘em stand
you don’t always have to agree
just give them the love that you need.

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my first song… and a video.

wanna see it?  https://vimeo.com/41802891

so thrilled with how this turned out!

thanks to curt campbell for saying yes when i asked if he would help me write a song about a treehouse.

thanks to jeremy brown for producing the song, josh and jim “moose” brown for making the music awesome. caitie hurst for putting in her mad harmonies to make it even more delicious.

thanks to alex (collins) for shooting the video.

thanks to gunner the yellow lab for bookending the video with awesomeness.

thanks to jackson collins… the super ninja gummy bear. thanks to kavi and blaikie collins and mckay campbell for starring in the video.

just super grateful for all of it and thrilled with the results…

musical graphic


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Jeff Lovingood, happy anniversary!

talk about your next generation pastor...wh


Today marked the 10th anniversary of my boss, next generations pastor Jeff Lovingood and our church, Long Hollow Baptist.

here’s the thing. not only is he my boss… in my life, he is LITERALLY a next generation pastor.

he was my youth pastor as a high school senior, and now he oversees the ministries that affect my high schooler, middle schooler and elementary schoolers… and i get to be part of it, working in his kids ministry.

if that’s not a full circle, i don’t know what is. and friends, that is encouraging!

it was an honor to be one of the presenters today and publicly say thanks for his work in my life, through the generations…

here are the gifts we gave him and why:





Preschool ministry is presenting this orange leather Bible to Jeff Lovingood.
In preschool at Long Hollow, kids begin to learn foundational truths of Christianity. Everything starts and ends with the truth of the Bible. Without the Bible and the truth of Jesus Christ, nothing else matters. Jeff Lovingood has 3 kids of his own. He has trained them up in the ways of the Lord… as well as every baby or preschooler at Long Hollow. His ministry crosses the generations.

The Children’s ministry is presenting heart monitor watches to Jeff and Rachel Lovingood to represent the time they have invested in kids and families over their years in ministry. why heart monitors? For the Lovingoods, ministry is a matter of the heart, they have dedicated their entire lives to seeing life change in others. They are deliberate not only about their personal physical health, but with the spiritual health of our generations.

The student ministry is presenting this chair to represent the heart for that one person, that drives Jeff Lovingood. He is willing to go to any lengths for even one soul. This chair also serves as a reminder of the new Long Hollow Student building that has been a lifelong dream for Jeff that was realized this year and has already, in it’s first 4 months impacted #? lives for Christ. He has always said that when are not enough seats, or parking spots, they will stop coming.

This football represents Jeff’s great love for the Volunteers.
Yes, it is signed by he entire Tennessee Volunteer football team. No one loves the Tennessee volunteers more than jeff… But even more than his beloved VOLS, Jeff has his own team of volunteers, who have their own team of volunteers, who have.. well, you get the picture. Jeff has a personal rule, recruit 10 to recruit 10. Training leaders to become leaders. Volunteers are a big deal to Lovingood.

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hard to love or love hard?

they call him love. love. love. love. love.

you know. i’m often talking to people about love.

to my family: love one another. that’s your sister, love her. i love you.

to my friends: i love you. let’s look at each other through a love filter.

to my leaders: love kids. love them hard. when they are hard to love, love them anyway.

it hit me today… you can’t ask people to love hard, unless you love them hard.

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