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my rugger is a hugger…

rugger is a hugger

a rugger is someone that plays rugby. a hugger is self-explanatory.

very occasionally…

actually, not all that often, but when he is. it’s lovely.

i just think this makes a great shirt.

and sometimes, it just has to be about a great t-shirt.

what’s the best tshirt you have ever seen?

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sumner county rugby club after our first state tournament win.

today … quint’s rugby team… in it’s inagural year… won our first game in the state championship tournament. the moment of truth is tomorrow at noon.

here’s hoping that the magic continues and this band of brothers will bring home the victory!

love these guys and their families… and their coaches.


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now’s your chance… friday night lights

sumner county rugby team.

the team is comprised of high school boys from all over sumner county, 4 different high schools are represented on this team. one of the coolest things has been to see them work together and grow into a really genuine friendship… i love when unnecessary boundaries between schools are crossed!

the spirit of rugby is so refreshing and compelling. the tradition is to have a get together between the opposing teams following a match. on a few occasions we have found ourselves lining up with parents and players from the “other” team to share in a cookout. so great. you don’t see that happening after high school rival football or basketball games, that i’m aware of. so it’s really special. clearly.

the Sumner County Rugby league was started by local chiropractor Chuck Woosley, when his own passion for the game led him to round up some rugby loving friends and start the team. we have had to travel to games many times because there aren’t any other adversaries in our area.

the team has literally dominated other teams in this inaugural year. that of course, has added to the fun.

the boys have already won a spot in the state championship which will be played next week in knoxville, tn…. mother’s day weekend 🙂

this friday, however, they have a conference game that will be played at Station Camp High School at 7:30 pm. This is the closest place that you can come out to see the Sumner County ALL BLACKS for the remainder of the season.

it’s been really neat to be on the sidelines with students and parents from different high schools, and to watch the comraderie between the players result in victory after victory. what a great lesson to us all.

think about this… Jesus died for all of us. Every one of us. It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, what you like to do… he loves you and gave himself for you equally. i love how the assembling of this team represents this spiritual truth.

i hope you will join us for the fun this friday night. if the past is any indicator, there will be alot of hitting, tackling, growling, scrummaging (ha) and good times. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the community at large by wearing ALL BLACK and supporting the SUMNER COUNTY ALL BLACKS!

You gotta c’mon. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sumner-County-High-School-Rugby/156905364372249

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you see… i have this blog…and viking pandas

i’m headed to a conference tomorrow that i am totally stoked about.

it’s called blissdom, and it’s essentially a blogger’s conference – from my understanding. to be honest with you, i was unfamiliar with this conference until the last few months. i saw a couple of tweets that piqued my interest, made by people that i like… that is usually was spurs me to action 1-something interesting 2-involving people i like.

anyway… my friend tami is going to be presenting at the conference and invited me to go with her. i was so excited to think of hanging out for some solid hours together … plus with something so fun and potentially encouraging to do.

you see… i have this blog… (as you well know, because you are now reading it, and i’m grateful) … and i really do want people to enjoy it and share in the fun with me. i also really enjoy using social media to connect and encourage other people. i love giving digital high fives and shoutouts to things i enjoy. i love commenting on people’s blogs showing them that someone took the time to read and react to what they said. i love pinning. i love seeing what other people think is pin-worthy. i love the community all of this provides, and the creativity that is spawned from it. i love the leadership training i can get through reading and examples. the list is endless.

the challenge for me … is worry about missing something. did i remember to check this board, or give someone a +K that had given me one. do i retweet that? or dm that person? it can feel like each minute you aren’t engaging… you might be missing something.

so i’m concerned. i’m concerned that going to this blogging conference is going to amp that up. i am concerned that i will fret about how many readers so-and-so has and how they got all those people to walk with them on the journey. i don’t want to miss the joy of the personal sharing because of jealousy or defeat. i don’t want to fall prey to feeling less or more important that anyone. i want to remember the whole time that my job is to honor god. if that is through my blog… awesome. if that is through writing a show for kids. awesome. if that is through having a conversation with someone that is uninterrupted by text messages and notifications… awesome. i want to keep this at the forefront of my mind. by alerting myself to the potential ways that the enemy could use these tools to defeat me and render me ineffective for the purpose of spreading the message of God’s love…


i’ll be praying asking God to protect my heart… and mind from damaging concerns. i’ll be praying asking God who he wants me to connect with and how… and what he wants me to do with it. i will be begging God to allow me to be a blessing and not a bother. I am telling you all this… so that i will actually have to do it, and not just ponder it in the safe recesses of my human mind.

what things have the potential to distract you from your primary goals?

and speaking of goals… i finally get to go watch quint in a rugby match. his team is the viking pandas… of course he came up with the name. do they even have “goals” in rugby? i guess i’ll find out

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