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organized chaos

i’m walking around everyday looking at boxes of stuff. things that have been accumulated over years of being a family… what to keep? what to throw away? what to give away?

if you’ve ever done a big purge or move you know what i’m talking about.
the trouble is, my brain is not set up for clear organization in the traditional sense of the word. i might spend 3 full minutes deciding if the dish towels should go next to the refrigerator, or next to the dishwasher… i might spend 30 minutes moving boxes around and getting caught up in pics of one of my kids when they were babies and then pics IN THE SAME BOX from last week… ludicrous.

even writing about the process, i find i’m getting disjointed.
here’s the thing, i dont want to just put things in places, i want to be deliberate about them. i want to figure out the best place, so that i’ll always know where to look for what i’m looking for… that begs the personal question… am i as careful to place things in my life in the places they belong?

am i using my time as deliberately?
am i as careful to treasure the moments with my kids as i am to find the right place to put their picture?
am i as mindful of what content fills the spaces of my brain as i am the contents of my drawer?

i spoke this past week at a church media conference at Samford University to a group of church creatives about creating filters that represent your organization. essentially questions to ask yourself to make sure you are accomplishing what you want to accomplish with your church communications initiatives.

but what filters do i have in place for my personal life.
what personal filters do you have? what questions are you asking yourself each day?

for example: does this bring attention to me or to God? does this time i’m spending reflect an investment in people or stuff? do my words push forth the message of Christ, or create an embarassment?

what filter will be be using?

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