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something i bet you’ve never seen before

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my kids could not be cooler. we were driving around with 1 hour to kill and on our way to an outdoor mall when quint saw a sign… for an art gallery. he said, “let’s go!” i drove past it thinking that the others wouldn’t be as interested as quint and i would be. he said “why did  you pass it? let’s turn around” so i did. i said, ok, if it costs more than $2 each we’re not going to go. we went in… and it was free to the public. boom. let’s stay! we looked at some of the art, and the guide told us no touching except for one room where you can touch the sculptures… we looked at about 20 paintings… then somebody, i’m not sure which one, started to act out the paintings/etchings. then they would run to the next one and act out the scene… then the next one.. and the next one… quickly the museum guards began to circle us, to make sure we weren’t touching anything because we were having way too much fun. i can’t imagine that they’ve ever had 4 kids, ages 7-15, laughing and having a blast walking through their museum. but that’s what my kids were doing. the pictures tell the story best. here’s what i would tell you… teach your kids to love art. teach them to interact with art. since when was an art museum as interactive as this experience was… so proud of these four people that i get to parent, teach, learn from, and love to pieces. i never enjoyed an art museum more.

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my family is your family… LOVESTOCK

mi familia es su familia…

when my cousin rachel got married this past weekend it was a love fest of immense proportions.

i don’t think i can adequately describe for you the feeling of love in the air.

you see, my cousin never wanted to get married.

then she met thomas. several years later, here we are, and they are married. this is what she said…(paraphrase)

“marriage, to me, was just a contract, a document… i wanted to get married because i know how this side of my family values marriage. you all hold marriage in such high regard, that i really wanted to do this for you. i wanted to share this moment in time with you all. and as we began to plan, we began to see what marriage was really about and wanted to share this with everyone”

wow. humbling and beautiful.

and she brought her friends. 19 of them from all over the country. and we all fell in love with each other.

some were friends from nyc, where they live, some from kentucky, some from connecticut, some from austin, pittsburgh.

rachel and thomas collected people and those people love them enough to come all the way to the south.

and our family is amazing… so she knew that her friends would be welcomed with open arms.

it was enchanting.

does your family do that? welcome others with open arms?

who can you bring into your fold that needs a family?

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