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more than enough with my teenager

so… this was one of the best days… Image

we got to give quint a car to drive. not just a car. but a mustang convertible. (it is a’94 with tons of miles and lots of fun things that make it “unique” we’ll say) nonetheless, it’s a convertible! and it’s a mustang! i think we are both a little jealous, if we’re being honest.

it has been perfect convertible weather this week too. 

here’s the lesson God had for me in all of this.

my joy for quint is nearly uncontainable. truly. 

how much more joy for us does God have when he gives us undeserved gifts that are just because they are our hearts desire. 

i think for some reason we feel so unworthy of his love, that we find it hard to believe that he would bestow his kindness and abundance on us too. shouldn’t his salvation be enough? 

well… i thought about this. bringing Quint into the world is enough. meeting his physical needs for food and shelter are enough. but BOYYYYYY did it make me thrilled, to be able to give him a car he could love, which is MORE THAN ENOUGH. 

our God will give us more than enough. 

i have been songwriting for about 1.5 years now. i love it so much and can’t stop.

i really want to figure out how to sell my songs. i want it so badly that i can’t let myself think about it too often.

but right now, i’m putting a circle around it, and asking God for MORE THAN ENOUGH.

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experience you really don’t want to miss. 4 a limited time.

what does that even mean?

beside myself?


it must mean that it will take at least two of my selves to absorb the joy.

when you listen to this new song that I’ve written with my friend and co-writer curt campbell you might understand why.


(btw… i think musicians should be listed as cowriters when they create something this amazing…. if that were to happen this is the list:

robyn collins (me), curt campbell … musicians: jim “moose” brown, josh brown, jeremy brown, jordan kyle reynolds

then the singers brought it home: jordan kyle reynolds and haley hamilton.

I love this song.

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