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oh blissdom. you and jon acuff gave so much.

my version of notes from Jon Acuff's (author of QUITTER) compelling presentation at Blissdom

typically my notetaking looks a little different from most, never more than amidst the creativity of Blissdom keynote speaker, Jon Acuff's presentation.

blissdom is essentially a blogger’s conference that i was fortunate enough to attend with my friend Tami Heim. i figured i would learn some things and be either inspired or intimidated to grow my blog. i had no idea that i would leave with some great new friends… like great great friends. like women i want to learn from and laugh with and hang out with… write with… (sue duffield, dedra herod, jennifer deshler, michelle sarabia, susan mayo, vanessa mcgee)

i also didn’t know what it would be like to run into some of the people whose blogs i’ve been enjoying for over a year and  have been following on twitter but didn’t know like Jean V’ant Hul (Artful Parent or @artfulparent),

and while i already loved jon acuff and have read so much of what he is written… i was still blown away with what he brought to light in the opening keynote. it really set the tone for what was too be a very rich two days. i’m not alone, more than once i heard “if that was the only thing i heard then this conference is already worth it).

In case my notetaking style is hard to follow, let me break it down:

in no particular order…

-Finding your dream is an act of recovery, the recovery of something lost. Ask yourself… what have I done in the past that I loved?

-when belittling what we have done by saying “oh it’s nothing” it insults the gift.

-listen when your child may  be saying ‘let me be your kid, not your content’

-I’ve never heard my spouse say “now, enough about me… why don’t you tweet some…?”

-Dont’ chase haters on the hi-way (don’t let one negative commenter derail you and rob your time or focus by chasing them down to find out how you can make them like you)

-others’ success does not indicate your failure.

-when you come home, hang up and arrive. (don’t walk in to the door finishing up a call, nothing is sadder than a kid that runs to see you… and you shush them because you’re on a call)

-no one has a positive internal voice. ignore the voices.

-disappoint the right people : decide who you are ok with disappointing… and stick to that list, make a list of those you are not ok with disappointing and stick to that.

-perfection is a dragon: 90% perfect and shared changes more hearts that 100% perfect that is trapped inside.

-when someone tells you what you can’t be, they affect a future they do not control.

-make time for what matters.

jon asked us to tweet “what does my voice tell me?”

i’m curious.. what does your voice tell you? what have you done that you loved?

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everybody’s got a story

this week i was thrilled to spend a 3 hour lunch learning someone’s story… our time together was treasured. tami, so glad we are friends.

every week i work at long hollow trying to find the most effective ways to help kids understand their personal story, and the way they fit into the eternal story of Christ.

next week i’m going to a STORY conference.

my friend, mike hurst, wrote a song for me (well for the LH KIDZ at my behest) EVERYBODY’s GOT A STORY. (working on getting a download option for you… you are going to love it. i know it do!!)

are you detecting a theme? tell me no stories… i’ll tell you no lies.

the song that mike wrote stemmed from a conversation we were having about love. my team had been talking about how we wanted to focus on LOVING the kids at long hollow. we want to have an atmosphere of LOVE. people have hard lives, kids are not immune to this, in fact, many times, kids get the brunt of it because they pay the price for adult choices. but you know what, that’s part of their story. part of the fabric of their lives… and how they fit into the savior’s plan for them.

(the song was to be a sort of cats in the cradle type thing pointing out that even though you think things are ok on the surface… everybody’s got a story, and if you knew them you’d be kinder to them)

we want the adults that are interacting with the kids to understand and realize that these are people with pain, and joy. some have lost a pet, some have a parent that has died or abandoned them, some are being bullied every day at school and no one knows. we want to show love, because we have been loved. we want to learn what is going on  with each kid. to this end… we changed our entire structure on sunday mornings. we took a huge leap of faith, that we would have leaders to meet the need we supposed was coming. we made it our mission that every kid at long hollow would have a person that knows their story. who they are. who the people are in their lives. what is causing them joy, what is causing them pain… we want them to know they are loved…

and here is why.

when they know that they are loved here on earth… it is easier to believe that they are loved by someone that they cannot see.

we are ambassadors, and do not take it lightly. and it’s all part of our personal story.

do you want your story to be something morbid like BLACK SWAN? or do you want to be victorious and overcome obstacles like ROCKY?

i would love for you to tell YOURstory on a new website. you will find the link here: http://www.hisismine.com/beta

and then I want you to listen to other stories. find out what people are going through. and love them. because you are loved.


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