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overwhelmed… knocked off my feet! literally.

brandon and leslie schell's treehouse


Today was a magical day.

13 hours for a video shoot.

6 cast members (Henry: Cole Hubbard; Frankie, aka Super Ninja Gummy Bear: Kavi Collins;  Kevin: Joshua Rodriguez, Huntington Frienderson the Third: Jonathan Coomer; Dad: Ryan Hubbard; Little Brother: Josiah Snead)

Tech Teams (Tyler Scott, Brian Zimmerman, Tyler Hirth, Josh Hendrick, Timmy, and later: Greg Saffles, Dakota Diel)

best assistant ever: emmy hendrick

catering: michele coomer

best sharers ever: brandon and leslie schell – shared their treehouse, their home, their time, their workshop… so grateful.

killing time during set up.

huntington frienderson the third shows up.

"dad" and "little brother" from Up In the Treehouse Cast

some of the lhkidz up in the treehouse castSo, I had written this script for our spring musical… with kids with real lives and real stuff going on. I wanted people to watch the show and really think about how everybody has stuff going on.

i wanted to tell a story of a group of friends that are nice to each other.

i wanted to show a parent that loved his child.

so the story has all of these things.

then i got a cast…kids that have real lives, real stuff in their lives, kids that have Jesus in their hearts, kids that are loving to others.

then i started to rehearse with the cast, and realized i didn’t just want this to be a one time experience for the several hundred people that will come to the musical, but i wanted to share the story bigger than that. i would have to have it on video, to be able to do that.

i called jason dyba.

he agreed that it was a worthy story and talked to tyler scott about the video project.


today, as we spent 13 hours shooting, don’t think i didn’t wonder if i had asked for too much… it was alot.

but our kids deserve it!

those that see it… need to learn from it.

i am so grateful to everyone who participated in any of the process that led to today. i will continue to be grateful as we continue to work on things and get them ready for the production. ..

i did, bust it … backwards… and fall OUT OF THE TREEHOUSE. what in the world!

nothing like taking one for the team. i’d do it a million times over. today was a magical wonderful day.

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so, heart calls a meeting…

we have been learning about the church as a living organism for the last two weeks.

this week we are learning about being many parts in one body… so naturally we thought we would create a short about giant body parts…

so… the body parts are grumbling about their particular roles, foot really wants to be a hand, eye is rude to everyone and ear feels unloved. heart decides to call a meeting…

each character learns that they are important… just as each person is important in the body of of the church… even though it does sound like a science fiction novel to have many people in one body…

(the irony is that each of these actors are very active as they function within the church body in one accord. i have been impressed for the past year with the lives they each are leading and knew that they would be the best ones to tell the story)

tyler scott is the shooter and editor… and we can’t wait to see the finished product. it’s going to rock the treehouse here, then make its’ way to jeremie, haiti – for our kids there!

i’m so excited about the lesson, the crazy visuals and the creativity of this project…

because nothing beats a good heart!

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