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what’s an #inspiration tour and why did you go on one?


inadvertantly i started on an inspiration tour on sunday. i was headed to dallas and remembered that i really wanted to check out this really cool creative work space i had been reading about for the past year. i tweeted them, and they quickly replied “c’mon!”

then i realized, i wanted to make the most of my day and half in dallas… so i planned a few more stops.Image


@aubreymc : got his kids’ music album years ago from my friends jennifer and mark wiggins. loved it then. started reading a blog a year ago… aubrey writes for this blog. i loved it and started following everything he does. my mom knows his stepdad from high school. we were meant to be friends. by the time our meeting was over, we had agreed to write a christmas musical together. #inspiredImage

Beth Dicker, my friend lived near me in texas, and we used to chat on the porch. Our kids are the same age. This woman is a great friend. We met for lunch in the new Klyde park in Dallas… she had to buy my lunch because my card didn’t work. so embarassing. (it was user error). #inspiredbythissinglemomImageweld, weld, weld… we finally  meet. this amazing work space has been all over twitter for the past year and i had been dying to check it out. rentable office space for creatives, specifically. the atmosphere is magic… just like i figured it would be. @weldImage

this guy… @austinmann, he is the chief welder! so glad to meet him. thanks @causeascenenash for the quasi-intro.Image

@jonathanmalm… Director of Echo Conference. Editor and creator of Sunday| Magazine and ChurchStageDesignIdeas.  http://www.sundaymag.tv  http://www.churchstagedesignideas.com. nicer in person than i even hoped he would be… two weeks out from a big event, but he spent an unrushed 45 minutes catching up and sharing his excitement about his dream job.Imagemy best friend in the world, since my junior year of high school.

Image@estherhavens – she always tweets about @weld, so it should’ve been no surprise to see her there! i had written about her and to her several times over the past two years… lovely to hug her neck. she inspires me 

btw… if we wanna have our very own @weld vote here: http://nashville.weld.co/

what have you done this week to get inspired? you just have to look for it.


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