i love love

i love love

i love stories
i love when people are good at love
i love making someone feel loved
i love feeling loved
i especially love writing songs about love. and i do it a lot.

what i love today, is that we just finished a day camp experience where i know a lot of kids knew we loved them… and because of that, their perception of church, and their perception of God … is that it’s where you go to be loved.

i hope you feel loved.
i don’t know about you, but i’m gonna write a song about it…

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fiddlin man!


my favorite fiddler, jim vancleve, rocked my world this week when he led the session and played fiddle and mandolin on my new Christmas records! ahhhhhh
#thenightthatchangedmylife #somedayourprincewillcome

the night jackson was a girl

the night jackson was a girl

This is Jackson, my beautiful high school freshman. with the car that she would ride in on her homecoming court debut. the night was beyond imagination, and she looked stunning. she was also rocking some pretty sweet vans.
thanks to: ashley moore, for the hair and makeup; wholesale, inc. for the sweet ride; beech high school for honoring tradition and celebrating school spirit; amazing friends like casey shackelford, callie beasley, hunter melton, eli spiller for coming to participate; grandmama for making it to see us for the big things; jackson for being awesome.

when she learned that she received this honor, i was so proud of her and told her “jax, people like people that like people.” she is so good at liking people. she is a friend to the lonely, she is an “includer”. she is a smart, funny, and good-decision-making girl. it is an honor to be her mom. and… wow… is she pretty, especially on that night when she was dressed like a homecoming girl… at least until halftime, when she promptly rocked the camo shorts! love that kid. i may have to write a song about this experience…

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fire on the mountain…

fire on the mountain...

went with this red head to the mountains this weekend.
we’ve been co-writing since last august, and have some good stuff to show for it… more than that we have a good friendship to show for it.
we laughed our way up the mountain and back down again.
we were there for the “2nd annual smoky mountain songwriters festival”

alisha had a set on the aquarium stage with a group called Songtown USA. this group was started by ridiculous song writers Marty Dotson and Clay Mills… they wanted to create a community for songwriters, even if you don’t already know what you are doing to navigate the “Scene”.
met another amazing writer, Marc-Alan Barnett.
such kindness. i love songwriters that love songwriters.

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brittani with two i’s

brittani with two i's

i can’t wait for lhkidz camp.
we are debuting a video with these two.

what a team!
they have been bosiah and mary joseph, bobo ukelele handsome and princess heart pockets, and now they are bringing it strong as turbo and brittani with two i’s.

they think they are going to cheer camp, but they end up at church camp! divine intervention, much?

hoping that kids will see the fun and freedom of a life of faith in Jesus.

we’ve been brainstorming every activity and moment for months.
we have planned and prepared. practiced and pursued excellence.
now we get to watch it unfold. i can’t wait.
and i’m so grateful for my acting superstars. Beau Hoffman and Emmy Hendrick,

they always say yes, and they have become crucial writing partners for me.
i love them so much and am so grateful for this moment in time that we have to work together.

who do you collaborate with?
who makes everything you do better just by being involved?

tell them. and appreciate what you have while you have it.

bookmark this link, because i’ll be posting the new videos each day.

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full frontal assault

full frontal assault

just got back from les mis with Quint.
we were enchanted.
it was a spiritual journey with truth spewing all over the place. it starts when jean valjean carries a wooden flag pole on his own back, like Jesus with the cross.
the characters go back and forth requiring mercy and forgiveness from each other. life-saving grace is extended more than once. selfless love is an overarching theme that touches every scene.

this week i tweeted that christmas songs make non-believing people to sing truth. well – every actor/singer in this movie, was part of a miracle. they were participating in a full frontal assault by God. Armed with truth about God, the bible, Jesus, heaven… the actors delivered God’s message over and over again… perhaps in spite of themselves.
i left with a prayer in my heart for those who will hear the message. God’s word will not return void, and through this movie and these songs, people are going to hear it. i pray that the truths the people on set sang and heard will be trapped in their hearts and do the work of our living God…

“to love someone else, is to see the face of God”

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not to goad you or anything…

bag of photo props for family fun

bag of photo props for family fun

carol goad gave us this amazing christmas gift was a handmade bear bag, filled with photo props. ughhhh why didn’t i think of that!! brilliant. i love it.

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family christmas poster

family christmas poster

i was designing this for my own purposes, and thought… ok, people might like to have this… so if you email me your details at, i’ll make it for you… for free.

friends from other churches


one of the coolest things about a conference is the chance to hang out with other church leaders. the coolest thing for me is that this group right here is actually part of a group we have in Nashville. we have a strong network of people from churches across the city that meet together … we all want to see change in Nashville. love it!!

my chains are gone… ish

We have been having a tough time here in sumner county with schools and freedom of religion issues… budget cuts… new teacher evaluations… it’s been rough.

my chains are gone, moms in prayer presentation at long hollow.

Last week, the local chapter of Moms in Prayer (formerly Moms in Touch) invited area principals to a luncheon to honor them and pray for them. It was hosted at my church, Long Hollow.

They had an idea of how they wanted to depict the year and their support … so they asked me to help them pull it off… it was such an honor to be asked.

A “principal”,  “teacher”, “mom” and “student” had chains around their neck that said things like :TCAP scores, financial stress, parents that don’t care, budget cuts, no subs, spiritual oppression… basically anything we could think of that is currently weighing down educators and families.

Chris Tomlin’s AMAZING GRACE started as they stood there in chains.

Then moms began to kneel at the altar and pray…

as the chorus rang out, “MY CHAINS ARE GONE” the characters began to put their chains on the cross and knelt to pray as well. It was a powerful representation of the power of prayer to free us. And our responsibility to pray for each other.

it made me think about the chains in my life. i struggle with the chain of time management… letting busyness steal my time… i struggle with the chain of distraction… letting things take my focus away from where it should be. if i’m with my kids, then the phone can distract me. if i’m in the middle of writing something, wanting to stop and draw can distract me. if i’m reading my bible, tiredness can distract me…

what chains are binding you today?

will you ask someone to pray with you to be freed from those chains? there is power in numbers.

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